AI Sends nudes to unsuspecting buyers
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AI-generated woman sells nudes to unsuspecting Reddit users, and smh, even I was fooled

OnlyFans creators better watch their backs... Eek!

We already know that artificial intelligence is about to take over, ahem, all of our jobs, but if you told me AI would be leaving OnlyFans creators at risk, I would’ve laughed in your face.

While we know the risks of scams online, AI is extremely good at blurring the lines between what is real and what is totally fake.

As it turns out a whole load of Reddit users were swindled into paying a beautiful woman for nudes, however that gal just so happened to be an AI bot, and I wish I was joking.

Sharing one pic to the site, Claudia wrote: "Feeling pretty today."

And several men jumped at the opportunity, claiming they were willing to pay Claudia whatever she wanted in exchange for a risque pic - *facepalm*

One user said: "You're looking very pretty."

Another remarked: "You are absolutely gorgeous!! Will make a great trophy wife someday."

"Holy crap, you are beautiful," put a third.

However, there is still hope out there because not everyone was so easily tricked.

Some were quick to point out that the photos looked a little odd, you know, a little too perfect to be legit.

"For those who aren’t aware, I’m going to kill your fantasy, this is literally an AI creation.”

The user further commented: “If you’ve ever worked with AI image models and made your own long enough, you can 10000% tell. Sorry to ruin the surprise I guess."

And would you believe it? They were 10000% right!

It was eventually revealed that Claudia was created by a couple of computer science students, who went by the handle 'u/Cl4ud14' - Honestly, I have so many questions at this point.

They used a programme called Stable Diffusion, which is open to the public, but please don’t get any ideas!

Well, I now have a new fear… What if an AI bot is created that looks uncanny to you? That’s some scary sh**.