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Irish TikToker shares more NZ things that baffle him and has thoughts on our supermarkets

“Where did your shoes go? Is this a nation of Hobbits?”

We’ve already told you about the Irish TikToker who moved to Aotearoa last year and got quite the culture shock, but now he’s done a part 2, and it’s just as hilarious.

ICYMI - Seán Rós moved from Mullingar, Ireland to our very own Auckland, New Zealand, and in the process of settling in, he decided to share all of the biggest culture shocks he noticed between the two countries to TikTok.

From the Chemist Warehouse, bare feet, to our overuse of “yeah, nah”, things are quite different from Ireland and he’s had no trouble pointing them out.

Seán started by describing the absolute beast that is Chemist Warehouse as “chaotic”. Apparently, the shop is “so hard to comprehend as a foreigner”. 

Despite this Seán can’t resist going, but admits he’s a little scared every time he enters. 

SOURCE: @Sea5n_ on TikTok

Second, on his list is the fact that Kiwis rock around in bare feet. Seán hits this one off by saying “I’m not talking about beaches. I’m talking about supermarkets, restaurants and cafés.”

He asked: “Where did your shoes go? Is this a nation of Hobbits?”

“I don’t want to be looking at your hogs while I’m picking up my vegetables.”

I have to agree with one commenter who wrote: “As a kiwi, I must be immune to seeing bare feet cos I’m always amazed how foreigners comment on this! I never notice!”

SOURCE: @Sea5n_ on TikTok

“Up next is Kiwis saying ‘yeah, nah’ or ‘nah, yeah’,” which is one of the most common Kiwi phrases you’ll ever hear.

“What are you saying to me,” Seán asked in total confusion.

He can’t understand which of the two we mean, so one commenter helped him out by writing, “just focus on the last word”.

Last but certainly not least, Seán has complemented our supermarket staff.

“Back home in Ireland, they scan your stuff and they’re like throwing it at you… Here it’s like scan ‘i’ll put that in your trolley for you, no problem’.”

At the end of his video, Seán hares his overall love for the “incredible” people, food and culture we have here in Aotearoa. He’s excited to try more new things and explore the country some more - here’s hoping there’s a part 3 to this series.