Irish guy hilariously roasts KFC, Pak'nSave and Tina from Turners in TikTok about moving to NZ
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Irish guy hilariously roasts KFC, Pak'nSave and Tina from Turners in TikTok about moving to NZ

"I felt I was being personally harassed by Tina”

An Irish TikToker has found himself all moved in here in Aotearoa and during his time settling in, he’s found it to be quite the culture shock. 

From Pak‘nSave, Tina from Turners, to our beloved KFC, things are quite different from Ireland and he’s had no trouble pointing them out.

Seán Rós moved from Mullingar, Ireland to our very own Auckland, New Zealand 2 months ago and in that time he decided to share all of the biggest culture shocks he’s noticed between the two countries to TikTok.

Seán started by describing the supermarket chain Pak’nSave as “unhinged”. Apparently, the shop has brought a lot of chaos into his life, and we can’t deny that it has for us too.

Despite this Seán can’t resist and he’s back every week - It's the stickman's fault for always banging on about $5 week.

Second, on his list is Tina from Turners. Seán hits this one off by saying “there were about two weeks there, where I felt I was being personally harassed by Tina”. 

He added: “I had just got to the country and every ad on my Instagram and TikTok was sell me your car.” 

Seán's posts are doing the viral rounds. He's even found himself  caught in a hilarious Reddit thread.

“Next up are these weird blue chicken birds”, which we like to call Pūkeko.

Seán noticed, “you see them everywhere… They’re just roaming the streets like they own the place.”

“I don’t know if I trust them, don’t know if I like them, but they’re fucking everywhere.”

Last but certainly not least, Seán has hit us in a spot that I don’t think is forgivable. The man thinks we have too many KFCs - yep, a single tear just shed from my eye.

“The sheer number of KFCs in New Zealand is alarming,” he stated, before ripping our heart’s out more. “KFC is like D-list fast food, but people seem to go wild for this.”

Because of this pure hatred towards one of our most loved takeaways viewers insisted that he try the finger-licking chook, and that’s exactly what he did.

After trying our superior fried chicken, he admits that it’s “grand”, but won’t be writing home to tell them it’s phenomenal - clearly, he hasn’t tried a Zinger Box meal, but we’ll leave that for another day. 

It’s crazy to see what people notice the most when they come here to NZ and tbh most of it makes sense. I wonder who’s going to tell him that Briscoes always has a sale? That’ll really shake him!