'I feel sick': Viewers suffering 'high blood pressure', 'sweaty palms' from horror flick 'Fall'
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'I feel sick': Viewers suffering 'high blood pressure', 'sweaty palms' from horror flick 'Fall'

If you’re scared of heights we legit advise not clicking on this article…

People have been left with all kinds of symptoms, from ‘sweaty palms’ to ‘high blood pressure’ and even ‘400 heart attacks’ after watching the horror movie ‘Fall’. 

All those symptoms stem from two climbing enthusiast gal pals, Becky (played by Grace Carolina Currrey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardener), wanting to scatter Betty’s husband’s (also a climber) ashes at the top of a 2,000 ft (609.6 metres) radio tower.

What could go wrong? Well, it wouldn’t make a good horror movie if everything went right would it? Luckily (for us anyway), the ladder breaks and their supply bag falls and gets stuck beneath them, leaving them at the top of the tower with nothing but friendship on their side, and friendship won’t break a half-kilometre fall. 

I haven’t seen the movie (available to rent in NZ on Apple TV and YouTube TV), but judging by the trailer, the viewer’s horror and tension come from the nauseating height they’re chilling at combined with the flimsiness of the tower and a sprinkle of the terror of being in the same spot with one other person for an extended period of time. There’s also apparently a crazy plot twist chucked in the mix. 

Twitter users have shared that those ingredients cook up a nerve-wracking concoction. 

“Has anyone else watched Fall on Netflix?” one wrote. “Two girls climbing a fucking great radio tower? I’m 20 minutes in and had at least 400 heart attacks already!!!"

“So, those of you who suggested or spoke about Fall on Netflix… yeah, I’m blaming you for my high blood pressure,” another said. 

“Most epic, stress-inducing stuff I’ve seen in a cinema for a long time,” a third added. “Sweaty palms and anxiety were a constant all through.”

“Fall on Netflix is absolutely brilliant. But if you suffer from anxiety, it’s f***ing awful. I feel sick,” one more warned. 

As mentioned before, If you wanna go through all that, the movie’s available to rent on Apple TV and YouTube TV.