Candy Squiggles are back after half a decade and omg we should so have a shared lunch
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Candy Squiggles are back after half a decade and omg we should so have a shared lunch

MCR played live, Miley's on Disney, and now this... are we back in 2011?

Candy Squiggles are back thanks to Kiwis everywhere begging Griffin’s constantly over the five years since we last saw them - good job team!

The Pink and Green Squiggles are on supermarket shelves today so whenever you're down for a shared lunch, hmu. 

Griffin's announcing Candy Squiggles are back Credit:

If you need a reminder, the Candy Squiggles are “made up of a chocolate-flavoured biscuit base topped with the delicious combination of chocolate cream and crunchy candy nuggets, covered in smooth milk chocolate.”

If there’s any lesson to take away from this, it’s that pleading and begging constantly over the better half of a decade is the way to get what you want. 

“New Zealanders have been requesting this comeback ever since the product left our shelves more than five years ago, with Griffin’s continuously receiving messages and social media comments from nostalgic Kiwis,” the bikkie company said in a press release. 

“New Zealander spoke and we listened,” Rachel Horrell, Griffin’s brand manager, added. “We’re thrilled to bring back a popular product that Kiwis have been craving.”

The Candy Squigs (people call them squigs right?) will be joining the Hokey Pokey and Raspberry Jube flavours currently in rotation, and sorry to the other two but we all know the new old kid on the block hits the best. 

Evidence of Kiwis’ desire for the cookie over the past half-decade is plastered all over social media. 

“About to cry in the middle of the supermarket because they don’t have Candy Squiggles,” said one person all the way back in 2018. 

“Seriously though, where did the Candy Squiggles go?” another wrote, also in 2018. “I miss those tasty lil’ noms.”

“I can’t remember what Candy Squiggles taste like it’s been so long since I’ve had them,” a third tweeted out in 2021. 

Well, the day of salvation is finally here for those three fans and every other Kiwi who’s munched on a pink and green squig.