This Aussie guy legit fought off wild monkeys attacking his kids and he is def dad of the year
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This Aussie guy legit fought off wild monkeys attacking his kids and he is def dad of the year

I'm absolutely living for this BDE (Brave Dad Energy)

An Australian holidaying in Thailand has pretty much become the favourite for 'dad of the year' after fighting a bunch of wild monkeys. 

Jokes aside, the footage is pretty fkn scary, as several of the Thai monkeys bare their fangs and swipe at the father and his kids. His kids Lenny and Darwin (aged 5 and 1, respectively) were unharmed, thanks to their father’s heroics. 

Riley Whitlum is the bloke who staved off the wild animals. He and his wife, Elayna Carasu, posted the video to their YouTube channel ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ (which has almost 2 million subscribers), amassing 860k views since it was posted a few days ago. 

Elayna was off snorkelling during the man vs primate rumble but came rushing onto shore as soon as she heard the commotion. 

“I punched out two monkeys,” Riley tells his shocked wife. “They tried to attack Darwin. I’m not even joking.”

“I wanna say, I feel bad for punching a monkey. It was hectic,” he said before pointing out that none of the tourists who watched the altercation helped out. Tsk tsk. 

“I’m snorkelling around the sea anemone looking at a fricking clownfish and all I hear is screaming,” Eleyna says. “I’m like ‘what is going on?!’.”

Riley did manage to get a couple of shots in, but he also found out he’d be needing a shot of his own. A monkey tooth was left in one of his fingers after the fight, meaning he had to sort a rabies injection. 

His family headed to the nearest town to get fixed up. 

“I need to have five or more needles into my wound or around it, then five shots over 20 days, then another shot today,” Whitelum explained. “So two shots today and five in my finger, and another four shots over the next 20 days.”

Ol’ mate ended up passing out during the injection but lived to tell the tale, rabies-free.