Whittaker's release a one off special ‘Ed-ition’ block just for Ed Sheeran
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What's Good

Whittaker's release a one off special ‘Ed-ition’ block just for Ed Sheeran

ok but what does it taste like is the big question....

Ed Sheeran loves New Zealand more than us, that's a proven fact considering he even tried getting Jacinda Ardern to hook him up with a citizenship.

But one thing he didn't love from down our way, was the chocolate...

In 2015, while touring around Aotearoa, Ed tweeted that we needed to step up our chocolate game.

"Everything down under is better, except the chocolate. Step the chocolate game up, Switzerland, holla at yo boi."

But 8 years later and yo boi has changed his mind (thankfully).

Posting on Instagram from Wellington before is shows this weekend, Ed said "I take back what I said about NZ chocolate, it's actually alright isn't it,"

Whittaker's jumped into the comments replying "We would have to agree, New Zealand chocolate is pretty top notch. Even better, NZ's finest chocolate is made here in Wellington, just down the road from you".

They've now doubled down on Ed's change of heart and have created a special 'Ed-ition' block of chocolate simply titled the 'Ed Block'.

Now we've got some bad news for anyone that isn't Ed Sheeran who wanted to try it because when we say special 'Ed-ition', we literally 1 block has been made, reserved for the Ed only.

Ed Sheeran

but hey, you can look at the social post of it.... that counts right?