Man breaks world record for most fist bumps in 30 seconds and the sound is so gross
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Man breaks world record for most fist bumps in 30 seconds and the sound is so gross

sounds a lot like what was coming from my flatmate's room last night

A man broke the Guiness world record for the most fist bumps in half a minute - good on him - however, the noises made by the fists smashing into each other are so, so wrong. 

Specifically, they broke the world record for ‘Most alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds’.

“I punched this poor kid tens of thousands of times to break this record. Good thing he’s tougher than me” said David Rush, the fist bumper about Joey Hannaon, the fist-bumpee.

Rush, who has broken over 200 Guinness World Records, posted the record-breaking accomplishment to his YouTube video. I must warn you about the sound before you play it, it classifies as NSFW. 

What a commendable effort. The technique was not what I was expecting but God, it’s genius. Sheer will and focus are plastered on both of their faces as they bump knucks more than any two bros or broettes ever have. Silence from both of them means we get to hear that beautiful sound for thirty seconds straight - just a truly magical viewing experience. 

In the end, they bumped fists 297 times in the thirty seconds, however, the fist bump police at Guinness said 24 of the bumps were not valid. That brought their total to 273 alternating fist bumps, smashing the previous record of 174. 

On his website, David provided insight into the biggest hurdle they had to overcome during preparation. 

“The main area of technique we had to work on was Joey’s drifting left arm,” he said. “When moving each hand back and forth 5 times per second, it’s easy to lose control over some aspects and have form degrade,” he added. 

According to his Instagram bio, David has broken hundreds of Guinness World Records.  Including the world’s fastest juggler, the world’s slowest juggler, the fastest time to high-five 20 people (blindfolded) (5.65 sec), and many, many more. 

In fact, he’s written a book about it: ‘Breaking Records: 21 Lessons from 21 World Record Attempts’. Gotta respect the hustle.