Priest who reckons his 'spirit left his body' to visit hell said he saw demons singing Rihanna
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Priest who reckons his 'spirit left his body' to visit hell said he saw demons singing Rihanna

Bad gal RiRi is officially 100% certified!

A priest who reckons he was on the verge of death claims his spirit visited Hell and the demons used Rihanna’s lyrics to torment those who are there to stay.

Gerald Johnson posted a video to TikTok talking about his experience from 2016. He says that he thought he was suffering a heart attack and as his soul left his body he went down “into the centre of the Earth”.

He continued to share that after seeing Hell, he “wouldn't wish it on [his] worst enemy”, before describing exactly what he saw.

Two minutes into the clip Johnson explained there was a moment while he was there when he noticed the music was playing.

The same music that we have banging on our Spotify playlists here above the ground, except instead of our fave artists singing it, demons took the mic.

"It was some of the same lyrics that we hear here, I knew that on Earth a lot of the lyrics and the music and the songs are inspired by demons,” he began explaining.

"Every lyric to every song is there to torment you as to the fact you didn’t worship god through music while you were on the Earth," he added.

As for a specific song, Gerald believes he heard “under my umbrella” which of course, comes from Rihanna’s 2007 hit ‘Umbrella’. 

He reckons that this is because many artists smoke marijuana to fuel their creativity here on Earth, so the lyrics we hear are supposedly lines fed by the demons which telepathically communicate with the likes of Rihanna.

In some lighter news Rihanna is rumoured to release more new music this year, after we were treated to her first song in six years, 'Lift Me Up', which was created for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. 

Though, I’m hoping RiRi’s new hits are in the demon’s Karaoke lineup.