‘My gran was dying’: People share the ‘strangest reason’ they’ve been broken up with
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‘My gran was dying’: People share the ‘strangest reason’ they’ve been broken up with

Wanna feel better about yourself? Read these!

People online have shared some of the weirdest reasons they’ve been banished from the taken life and into the single life and if you like reading about other people suffering then you are gonna love this. 

Relationships have ended over dreams (classic), dogs, blowjobs (that sucks), spirituality, and so, so much more. Most of the breaker-uppers in this thread are obviously trash, but you’ve got to commend their honesty. 

All these answers come from an AskReddit thread asking, 'What is the strangest reason someone has broken up with you?’.

We’ll start with a couple that are great reasons to break up but wildly confusing as to why they got into the relationship in the first place. 

“Me and her disagreed on if cheating on me would be ok,” one person wrote. I would’ve loved to hear this conversation and her justification - to be fair, open relationships are a thing. 

“A guy friend of hers wanted a blow job and she didn't wanna feel guilty.”

“He ‘just wanted to sleep with a lot of different girls.’ And, friends, that is what he did.” 

Like I said, gotta appreciate the honesty from those last two at least, but God damn I’d hate to hear that. 

Forces us humans are too unenlightened, too earthly even, to comprehened have also led to blossoming romances being stomped. 

“He had a dream that I cheated on him,” said one person. 

“He said I wasn't spiritually advanced enough.” 

From dreams and spirits to family members, people will really find any reason to end it. 

“My gran was dying of cancer and had literally days left,” this one horrifyingly starts with. “She (GF) wanted me to take her to a party instead. She wasn't happy at all when I said I needed to be with the family, so she broke up with me

“I broke up with her because I f*cking hated her dog. It was a pug. It had no sense of any "dog instincts,” - I’ve got no clue what a dog instinct is but this seems to really, really, care about them. “It smelled like sh*t even though it was bathed frequently. It would sit there and stare at us … it would just shit and piss everywhere. It would jump in the bed while we were having sex and stare at us. If we closed the door, it would piss and shit. I f*cking hated that thing," Woof! That was intense. 

And this last one is so sadly strange. 

“My foreskin scared her.”