OPINION: You should never move into a flat with your friends
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OPINION: You should never move into a flat with your friends

I said what I said...

OPINION: Don’t move in with friends unless you’re prepared to lose them.

Living with my (ex) friends was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. If I could go back in time to change things, I would and I’ve made a vow to myself to never make that mistake again.

It starts with a couple of passive-aggressive texts in the group chat and progresses to petty comments as soon as you arrive home. Hanging out with your flatties in the kitchen every day to having everyone go silent when you enter the lounge. Racing to get home after work to going on late-night drives just so you don’t have to be in the house. Tension isn’t fun for anyone involved!

How could this be avoided? By living with strangers! 

A home is meant to be your safe place away from the world but when it doesn’t meet up to its expectations it’s soul-crushing. There is nothing worse than realising your friends-turned-flatmates absolutely hate your guts.

You might find it funny that your friend can’t lift a single finger to do a dish but when the dishes are piling up in your house it’ll become the most annoying thing on earth. A cheap-ass friend won’t affect you but when they’re your flatmate trying to charge you thirty cents for borrowing their butter, it gets old fast.

Living with your friends can become an absolute nightmare and once that line is crossed you can never go back. The things we once found quirky about each other become the most infuriating things on earth. 

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s what people in The Edge office had to say;

“It’s hard to separate your friendship time and your alone time when living with the gals because you live together”

“I noticed that one of my friends was getting quiet and I was really concerned that she was becoming depressed. She later confessed that she intentionally stopped talking to me for a month because she was mad at me.”

“Just because they’re a good friend doesn’t mean they’re a good flatmate”

“A home is meant to be a safe and sacred place where you can be yourself. Make sure you choose the right people to be in that safe space carefully.”

Despite having a bad experience living with friends, I am grateful for the experience. It allowed me to branch out and try living with complete strangers. These strangers have become my best friends and I have never been happier! Sometimes the most painful experiences can become a massive blessing in the long run. 

So if you want your friends to go the distance, don’t live with your mates!