TikToker gets sent home from work for wearing 'distracting' outfit that every woman owns
Ashlee Williams
Ashlee Williams

TikToker gets sent home from work for wearing 'distracting' outfit that every woman owns

HR thinks this wardrobe staple is "too revealing"...

A TikToker in the US has been sent home from work for wearing a revealing outfit. People are outraged as the dress she wore is one that every woman has probably worn in their lifetime.

Marie Dee also known as @notmariedee on Tiktok claims that she’d been sent home for her outfit by her HR department at work. When she asked the HR employee why she was being sent home she was told;

"I'm sorry, you can't wear that. It's way too revealing and distracting,"

Marie followed up and questioned if it was distracting and HR replied “very”.

The comments fully support Marie and agree that her outfit is work appropriate. Most of the comment section reckons that the HR employee must have her own issues with Marie.

“That's just jealousy. I'd document everything and I mean everything build your case and sue”

“HR lady be hating on you because your cute and getting all the attention at work lol”

“I sense she's jealous you're beautiful and was not revealing”

People working in HR even chimed in to agree that nothing about her outfit was inappropriate.

“HR has entered your comments to ask where you got that dress.”

"HR seems to be overstepping here. I don't think anything is wrong.”

“I’m an HR leader and I think your outfit is professional and polished!”

What do you think about Marie's outfit? Check out her follow-up TikTok below!