This puffer jacket zips into a tote, so lemme secure that bag
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This puffer jacket zips into a tote, so lemme secure that bag

Zip it if you tell me this ain't cool!

The weather is getting warmer, but let's be real and remember that we’re still dealing with miserable days here in Aotearoa.

I’m definitely one of those girlies who won’t take a jacket out because I quite frankly cbf holding onto it all day.

So, of course, I was too stunned to speak when I found out there is a puffer jacket that zips into a handy dandy tote bag.

There’s nothing worst than leaving your house prepared for the worst only to carry your jacket around with you all day…

That’s why 1920apparel on TikTok has designed an epic-looking puffer where the bottom half unzips and can be used as a tote bag - that’ll prove handy when next forget your supermarket bags…

According to the brand, removing the bottom section of the jacket will leave you with a cropped-style jacket.

The leftover fabric from the bottom section can be zipped up the side and hidden straps can be pulled out giving you a pretty decent size tote to carry around with you.

Of course with the weather being up and down like crazy at the moment - many people have said that they would love the option to transform their jackets into vests, and while the jacket-to-tote style doesn’t offer that, the brand claims that they will be launching another style with the ability to remove the sleeves.

Although that does make me wonder what you would do with a few loose arms flopping about - who knows maybe they’ll turn into leg warmers?? Now that’d be an interesting twist.

It actually seems like a handy addition to our wardrobes, but with a single jacket said to cost around upwards of NZD $500, I’m seriously questioning if it’s worth draining my bank account?!