Spotify could be raising their prices in 2023, and that would be my last straw
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Spotify could be raising their prices in 2023, and that would be my last straw

Looks like I'mma have to do it acapella from now on...

Not to cause mass panic or anything, but Spotify is looking at raising its subscription prices.

The decision is being questioned after Apple Music announced that they would be raising the price of their monthly subscriptions to the streaming service.

Now, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has hinted that they too will be “level” with their competitor.

So the cost of living is taking a toll on pretty much everything in our lives right now, first, it was Netflix, then our beloved Whittakers chocolate and now you’re telling me Spotify is jumping on the drain my wallet train?!

Will there be any joy left to experience? Cause tbh I feel like this is some sick joke!

At this stage, we are unsure whether this will affect us here in NZ. Spotify US has not seen a price increase since the streaming giant launched in 2011, however, we Kiwis saw a jump in 2017 when the individual subscription fee went from $12.99 to $14.99 a month. I feel like I’ve only just recovered tbh.

Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek said raising prices “is one of the things we would like to do and it’s something we will [discuss] with our label partners” before going on to elaborate that “when our competitors are raising their prices, is really good for us.” 

“In light of our competitors raising prices, that obviously gives us more confidence going into it, too,” Ek added.

According to the Spotify support page, “We’re always working to bring you more original and exclusive content, a highly personalized experience and powerful discovery tools.”

“If your plan’s price is changing, we’ll email you in advance with information about the new price and when the change will happen.”

I have my fingers and toes crossed that we Kiwis are safe from this price hike because, with the way my bank account is looking, I’m going to have to switch out the aux cord for some acapella carpool karaoke from now on!