Sex blankets are actually a thing you can buy now, and I can't tell if they're gross or great
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What's Good

Sex blankets are actually a thing you can buy now, and I can't tell if they're gross or great

How does it work?!

Getting down and dirty between the sheets can be a messy biz, but we’ve found that there is genuinely something called a sex blanket to help with the post-play cleanup.

No, I’m not making it up, it’s actually a real thing!!

It’s no secret that our fluids can get everywhere after a hot and steamy sesh, and with that our first option is usually to find a towel, tissues or the dread of needing to use the sheets. 

When I first heard about the sex blanket it got me wondering how is it any different from any of our other options.

According to Splash Blanket, who sell what people are hilariously dubbing ‘squirt blankets’: “Our blankets can hold up to 1L of liquid and really take a pounding (literally!).”

Idk who is producing that much liquid but I guess it’s always good to know the limits! 

The whole point of these sex blankets are designed to save your mattress, sheets, towels and furniture so of course, they’ll need some sort of proofing - right? Because we’ve all slept in a wet patch before, and it just ain’t it!

Well, Splash Blanket also say that theirs are 100% waterproof by absorbing all kinds of liquids without leakage.

So it’s also said to be great for people who have bladder issues post-pregnancy and need that extra layer between them and the sheets.

The blankets are made from vegan-friendly soft materials that will "add an extra sensory experience", and when you're done making your, ahem, mess, the blanket is machine washable and will hold its waterproofing for around 100 washes.

It actually seems like a good solution to one of our messiest issues, but with a single blanket costing $67, I’m wondering if it’s worth the *checks bank account* investment.