Here's a list of all the top sex injuries from down under, and some are beyond belief
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What's Good

Here's a list of all the top sex injuries from down under, and some are beyond belief

I have so many questions!

Let's face it, having sex isn't always a smooth, passionate experience. During the heat of the moment, awkward head bumps and other hazards might cause an injury or two.

Thanks to a new survey on the sex life of Australians, we have a list of the most common sex injuries to share.

Over 1000 Aussies were polled by the well-known sex toy company LoveHoney to learn about bedroom gone-wrongs, and a whopping 42% of our pals across the ditch admitted to getting hurt doing the deed.

Broken Bed Frame



As reported by, sexologist Chantelle Otten said: “Bruises can be mild to moderate and occur when capillaries under the skin burst.” 

She continued, “Hickeys, spanking and rough sex are the most common culprits of bruising.”

Pulled Muscles

This is not pretty to experience, but with all sorts of contortionist moves going on, you're bound to experience this one way or another.

Twisted Ankles

I’m not even sure quite how this one comes into play, but if you’ve ever experienced it feel free to let us all know how you managed that one!

Vaginal/ anal tears, haemorrhoids, and back injuries are all pretty self-explanatory, and I don’t think I need to delve any deeper into those.

Doggy style, missionary, and "69" are the most dangerous sex positions, according to the survey results. 

And while showers can be a bit of fun for some hot steamy action, you’re best to avoid the space, as one in four Australians have experienced what we can only imagine being the slipperiest of injuries.

So there, you have it. Sex injuries come in all different forms, from all different positions and places. You know how they say practice makes perfect? Well, in this case, you never know what your next injury could be.