Hazella stocks are low

Hazella chocolate is selling out and now it's affecting other Whittaker's flavours too

"Everything should be back to normal soon... We are making lots more!"

In absolutely devastating news Whittaker’s Hazella chocolate is running low, and now it’s causing our other fave chocolate blocks to be short in stock!

Hazella chocolate was released by the NZ chocolatiers last month and instantly won our hearts over so much that I may or may not have a cheeky few blocks hidden in my snacks draw - don’t tell my flatmates!

Now, it’s been said by Whittaker’s spokesperson that the demand for the hazelnut was higher than expected.

She said the choccie is “currently out-of-stock across some retailers due to the unprecedented demand.”

The spokeswoman twisted the knife a little more by revealing that because the Hazella blocks were made on the same production line as other Whittaker’s flavours, all of the chocolate blocks have been affected.

“This has had an impact on stock levels overall, but everything should be back to normal soon... We are making lots more and will have it out to retail outlets as soon as possible.”

How am I supposed to live, laugh love in these conditions?!

If that wasn’t already upsetting, we shared the news with you earlier this month that the chocolatiers have increased the prices of their products as it is the only option for the company to keep producing quality choc.

Whittaker's then went into detail as to why, writing: “Our costs have steadily continued to rise over the last year and cutting those costs with lesser quality ingredients is never an option for us, as we hope you’ll understand.”

I mean, we understand, but it doesn’t make the hike any less crushing. 

With all the outrageous price rises that have affected every part of our life, chocolate was the one item we were still able to enjoy. Now you're telling me I can’t even find the chocolate let alone afford to buy my secret stash? This is insane!

No, in all seriousness, we understand the decision and respect the honesty in making us all aware before the panic buying begins… Oh, wait!!