Lewis Road Creamery has dropped a new flat white coffee milk
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What's Good

Lewis Road Creamery has dropped a new coffee milk flavour to wake me up before I go go

Not me having a 'that girl' moment with my iced coffee every morning.
5 October 2022 3:23PM

Just when we thought Lewis Road had all our coffee, chocolate and classic milk bases covered, they go and make a product we never even knew we needed - Flat White Coffee Milk. 

The flat white is a Kiwi favourite and an absolute must for the coffee drinker who has outgrown a mocha, but not quite graduated to a long black. No judgement here. 

Anyway, Lewis Road's take on the iconic brew uses two shots of Brazilian Arabica coffee, a touch of sweetness and creamy whole milk, also known as 'a bitta me'. 

The idea is you can grab and go straight out of the fridge as is, or pour over ice for a full 'that girl' moment. 

The Edge online team were lucky enough to be sent some of the creamy caffeinated goodness to try, and it's safe to say it went down a treat. It was rated highly by coffee fiends and the less frequent coffee drinkers alike, with reactions including "niiiiiiice", "not too strong, not too sweet" and several calls of "would be ideal for a hangover". 

As for how this compares to Lewis Road's Double Espresso Coffee Milk, which promises 'four shots of wake-me-up', a bloke called Hamish asked on Instagram, and they answered. 

"This new Flat White flavour is about half the coffee strength of our Double Espresso which is also still on shelves - this new one is more of a lighter creamier blend.." 

Thanks Hamish, you've just helped me pull off some absolutely next-lev journalism there. 

The Flat White Coffee Milk is in supermarkets now, where it'll set you back $4.50 for a 300ml bottle at $6.90 for the bigger 750ml, which Lewis Road reckons is a perfect fridge staple for baches, boats, caravans and cooler bags going into summer. 

I, for one, will not be purchasing the larger size as I don't trust myself not to scull it in one.