Julia Fox makes a towel into a dress
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What's Good

Julia Fox just turned a beach towel into a cutout dress and I can't tell if I love or hate it

She's calling it "end of the world fashion inspo".

Hello and welcome to another instalment of 'What The Heck Is Julia Fox Up To Now?' 

Julia originally made headlines for her stint as Kanye West's boo and her pronunciation of the movie 'Uncut Gems' ('Uncah Jaahms'), but soon staked her claim in the fashion world with her unusual style choices

You'll of course remember the ultra-extra-low-rise pants and the time she went shopping in her underwear, but today she gives us: How to turn a towel into a dress. 

In her latest TikTok tutorial, the model and actress calls her invention "end-of-the-world fashion inspo".

Look, I hope we're not quite on doomsday's door yet, but with the cost of living what it is, those old towels under the sink are starting to look kind of…chic? 

Anyway, Julia gets to work showing us how it's done, and it's honestly edge-of-your-seat watching, trying to figure out how in the fk she's going to make this look wearable. 

Check out the Talking Out The Trash podcast's reaction to Julia's NSFW pants here: 

First, she cuts a head hole in the towel and pops it on, and it's giving extreme 'kids hooded towel poncho from random surf shop' energy.


This is where things take a turn. She makes another cut to shorten the dress (towel) to a mini length and then STEPS THROUGH IT so she has a weird tail hanging behind her. Now it's getting interesting. 

Julia then pins the rest of the towel up behind her - no sewing required here - and turns the dress around to reveal a boxy mini dress with a very on-trend cut-out showing off her washboard abs. 

Guys, I truly don't know how to feel. At first, I thought it was ridiculous. But the longer I stare at it the more I kind of love it??? The look is definitely helped by Julia styling it with knee-high boots, long gloves and a bag, but I fear she is the only person on earth who could actually pull it off. 

I'm fairly sure if I tried to roam around in my own version of the 'end of the world towel dress' I'd just look like I'd lost my togs on the water slide at the Mt Albert wave pools and was forced to raid the lost property bin.