Julia Fox's explanation for grocery shopping in her underwear is frankly iconic

Julia Fox's explanation for grocery shopping in her underwear is frankly iconic

This goes against everything us Kiwis know about 'togs, togs, UNDIES'.

Julia Fox has given her reasoning for going grocery shopping in her knickers and honestly? It's kind of flawless. 

Kanye's former boo has already stamped her mark on the fashion world with her unusual fashion and make-up choices - who could forget the 'I did it myself' smokey eye and the super-duper low rise jeans?  

This time, she's not making waves for what she's wearing, it's what she's not wearing. 

Which is, uh… clothes. 

The 'Uncut Gems' star popped to the shop in a matching bra-and-underwear set from Alexander Wang, paired with nothing but knee-high denim boots and a denim bag, which appears to be made from the pair of jeans Julia decided against wearing that day. 

The look was snapped by some suspiciously well-timed paparazzi, and of course, the photos went viral online. 

Sharing some of the images on social media, Julia explained: "I just think that if it's socially acceptable at the beach it should be the am everywhere lol."

I mean, the woman makes a point?  It's hard to imagine a male celebrity getting the same attention for showing up somewhere shirtless - in fact, we're pretty sure Zac Efron did that for most of the 2010s. 

Of course, this goes against everything we know as Kiwis, having all been taught the crucial moment 'undies' become 'togs' by that classic Trumpet TV ad. 

As the saying goes, "If you can't see the water, you're in underpants", and while we can't be sure there wasn't a swimming pool nearby, we reckon Julia is probably 'undies, undies, undie-ing' herself all the way to the bank.