Love Island AU 2022 cast announce
What's Good
What's Good

Is it hot in here or did we just meet the 2022 Love Island AU cast?

SPOILER ALERT: The Kiwi is our fave!

The time has come to meet the singletons of Love Island Australia 2022!

The sexy Aussie singles hoping to catch their match have been announced, and we have word that one of our own is floating in the mix. 

Yup, for the 4th season of the reality show being cast down under, a Kiwi has managed to sneak his way into the cast!

Let’s get to know a few of them, yeah?!

Of course, we have to start with the resident Kiwi Mitch.

Mitchell Eliot
25, Sydney, NSW

Nine revealed that Mitch recently made the move to Sydney from Auckland, describing himself as a “Kiwi prankster with a kind heart”.

Revealing that he has only had one serious relationship with a girl, Mitch is ready to settle down after having his heart broken - Any of you girls want to own up for that?!

Claudia Bonifazio
23, Adelaide, SA

Described as the “ultimate pocket rocket”, Claudia is a no-nonsense, no-rubbish kinda gal. Oh, and she made it clear that she’s quite happy to cut someone off, including girlfriends.

Tak Chipangura
22, Brisbane, QLD

Tak is not afraid to speak his mind and will happily call out any of his fellow Islanders if he needs to.

Layla John
20, Melbourne, VIC

Layla is a gal who knows what she’s after and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. It seems like she might be the one to look out for!

Callum Hole
24, Brisbane, QLD

Callum is a self-confessed ‘playboy’ who’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers - that’ll be interesting. 

Phoebe Spiller
22, Sydney, NSW

Phoebe made it very clear that she has a type… AFL football players.

A sneak peek at what some of the new Islanders are bringing to the table - or should I say BBQ... Get it? Cause they're Australians and they’re hot?! K sorry, I need to sit down and have some water tbh.

Start counting down the days because streaming starts October 31st over in Aus, and we’re sure to get our eager eyes on it not long after that!