Instagram may soon let you add a song to your profile and it’s giving huge 2006 MySpace energy
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Instagram may soon let you add a song to your profile and it’s giving huge 2006 MySpace energy

Instagram is at it AGAIN (kinda like this idea though).

I never used MySpace, I was too busy being a child, but anyone who has used has let me know that you could rank your friends and play a banging tune in your bio. Instagram, the unashamed copycats of the social media world, like that tune idea, and are reportedly going to steal it and make it their own. 

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile tech developer, tweeted that “Instagram is working on the ability to add a song to your profile” along with some screenshots of what the new feature will look like. 

When visiting someone’s bio the song will not play automatically, saving you a scare. Instead, when you’re stalking someone you can simply click the little play button to listen to their fav tune as you do a classic Insta stalk and scroll back to their posts from 2017.

Honestly, this would be kinda fire. A chance to show off elite music taste and also weed out who to not let on the aux on road trips and at house parties. 

Of course, it’ll also be a great opportunity to relate to your crush of the week and ‘accidentally’ play their favourite song, sparking a conversation and leading to forever love. And you’ll have MySpace to thank for it. 

Twitter users mostly seemed to like the feature, with a few people saying Instagram may have finally “slayed” or “served”. However, the majority of the conversation was about MySpace - how it must be feeling slighted and how we made a mistake abandoning it in the first place. 

“It’s time that we admit as a society that abandoning MySpace for Facebook was one of the worst decisions we ever made,” said one user. 

“if Instagram rebranded all together and made profiles resemble myspace (customizable and choice of music playing when you click on it) they would take over,” said one more.

Remember, none of this is confirmed as of now, but you might want to get some songs ready and get ready for every millennial in your life to reminisce about MySpace.