Theres a bunch of hidden features in the new iOS 16 update and my camera roll is SCREAMING RN
What's Good
What's Good

Theres a bunch of hidden features in the new iOS 16 update and my camera roll is SCREAMING RN

What are we going to do with all this new storage?!?!
16 September 2022 4:20PM

Change is scary most of the time, but these new iOS features are whatever the opposite of scary is.

iOS 16 came along this week, giving everyone with an iPhone that can handle the update a new lock screen, as well as widgets. But, we’ve found some of the lesser-known features and they absolutely slay.

No more duplicate photos - Say goodbye to the same photo ten times and hello to freed-up storage… for more photos!

The new iOS automatically detects identical photos and puts them into a separate album where you can either merge them or delete them. 

More secret folders - One of my deepest fears is that somehow, someway, a friend or loved one will find some of the photos in my deleted and hidden app and I will have to start a new life somewhere due to the fallout.

Which is why I am so happy that apple has made it so those albums are now only accessible using FaceID or TouchID - secrets shall remain secrets!

Copy and delete screenshots - Screenshots are hard evidence and much needed when some major tea is spilt and the group chat is popping off like an episode of MAFS.

A new iOS feature lets you take a screenshot, copy it to the clipboard, and then delete it straightaway so it doesn’t take up any storage in your camera roll. Now, the only evidence will remain in the gc. 

Cheeky currency conversion - With COVID restrictions mostly lifted, travelling is back on.

If you’ve got a girl's trip planned, or are about to head on one, the new iOS has a built-in currency conversion so you can see how much damage you are doing to your bank account way quicker than normal!

All you have to do is hold the camera up to a price tag, tap the live text icon when it appears and hold on the price, then click convert. 

Whether you’re about to free up a million photos, spill some major tea far more efficiently, or spend a whole pay cheque at one Italian bar, the new iOS will be there for you - have fun!

To see the full list of features - go here.