Older sibling surprised to learn Fathers Day gift is 'from all of us'
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Older sibling surprised to learn Fathers Day gift is 'from all of us'

“If I had known sooner I would have had them sign the card”
2 September 2022 2:49PM

Lucy Curtis, 24 was surprised to learn that the present she had purchased for her Dad this Fathers Day was in fact “from all of us”.  Her family met at a Morningside cafe for Father’s Day brunch, where her younger siblings suddenly announced the gift was something “we all picked out”. 

She was surprised by this revelation, and swears she remembers purchasing the gift alone. She even has receipts proving that she paid for the new toolbox, selection of craft beers, and a card with a Darth Vader meme on it.

However, Lucy’s younger siblings assured their Father that they had all helped “choose something special” just as she pulled the carefully wrapped present from her bag.

“Usually they leave the gift buying and organising up to me, so it’s so nice to hear that my younger siblings decided to contribute this Fathers Day, even if I don’t remember it”.

As soon as the toolbox was unwrapped her brother said “Dad we know you’ve needed a new one for a long time” implying that he had been thinking about the gift choice for some time. This statement shocked Lucy. She had been keeping a list in her notes app of potential Father's day gifts since February.

“I’m usually a very organised gift-buyer. At Christmas I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the family members I need to buy for, gift ideas, relevant stores and sales, how much I have budgeted to spend, and who is contributing to any ‘joint gifts’.” 

The announcement was especially surprising since her younger siblings had not contributed to a Fathers day present since 2009, when he was given a selection of macaroni picture frames they had all made at a school holiday program. 

Lucy’s Father was overjoyed with this year's Fathers Day presents, he was quoted saying “Son this toolbox is exactly the thing I wanted”. 

The family enjoyed their brunch together and posed for a family photo taken on her Dad’s iPad. “Thanks for organising this sweetheart” the Father said to his youngest daughter, Emily, a 21 year old nursing student. 

Lucy collected the wrapping paper from the table and paid the bill.

“It’s so nice that they pitched in for once…I think."