Two people sitting in a KFC vest and sweater in front of a fireplace
What's Good
What's Good

KFC have released some cute mid-Winter merch to fundraise for mental health

Not me in the KFC sweater this Christmas.

KFC is bringing the Christmas vibes early by dropping some new mid-Winter merch to raise money for mental wellbeing. 

The iconic fast food chain has set up the ‘KFC for Good’ Foundation and is releasing a line of limited edition mid-Winter Christmas merch to help fundraise for it.

100% of all the money made from merch sales will go towards the foundation which helps provide support for young people’s mental health … and we kind of love the design. Look at the little buckets, wings, and fries, yum!

‘KFC for Good’s mission is to “champion causes that equip young Kiwi adults with skills and support to enhance their wellbeing” the fried chicken outlet said in a press release. 

They’ve also teamed up with Clearhead, which is an awesome app that connects people to therapists and other resources to support them with any mental health issues. KFC will be fundraising for Clearhead as well as raising awareness for it so more people can get the help they need.

It’s so good to see KFC fundraising for a super important cause that could really help a lot of young people around the country!

two people in KFC sweaters

The CEO of KFC, Arif Khan, says KFC wants to give back to the people and keep on supporting mental health for Kiwis, which they have been doing for a while in their ten-year collaboration with Surf Lifesaving NZ. 

“As a brand we have a responsibility to give back to our community and our team, so we’ve established KFC For Good to support fellow Kiwis.”

“Physical and mental wellbeing is fundamental to everyone, and through our partnership with Clearhead as well as our ongoing work with Surf Lifesaving NZ, we hope we can make the tangible, positive impact for New Zealanders.”

In the past ten tears, they have raised over $1.58 million with Surf Lifesaving and that money will go towards the causes ‘KFC For Good’ foundation supports. 

If you wanna get your hands on some KFC merch and put your money towards a great cause, you can buy some here. They’ve got Christmas jerseys, Christmas vests, and some beanies.