KFC has released plant-based popcorn chicken, and it’s about cluckin’ time
What's Good
What's Good

KFC has released plant-based popcorn chicken, and it’s about cluckin’ time

Finger lickin' good just got a heck of a lot better!

Finger-lickin’ good just got better with KFC’s new plant-based chicken making an appearance on the menu. 

It's a first for the fried chicken gods, and we aren’t complaining especially those of us who have had to opt for the hash veggie burger or a basic large chips with extra seasoning.

The new plant-based chicken has made its debut on the Aussie menu trialling some delicious sounding pea protein, popcorn chicken bites, paired with tingling spices of our fave wicked wings. 

Oh, and to top off the mouthwatering new treat you can drench the pieces in a new lime ranch sauce.


You can grab yourself a cheeky snack-sized serving or go the full ham - or should we say chook - by copping a larger Wicked Popcorn Bowl combo.

That sounds like a bit of me.

The bites are currently only available in a few New South Wales stores but if all goes well,  the plant-based first might go Aussie wide and then we can cross our fingers and toes for the snack to cross the ditch and make it onto our shores.

One of our veggo Edgies Emma said: "It's so nice to see KFC expanding their range for us vegos! A veggie burger is a good option, but I can't wait for some popcorn chicken!"

I was actually fortunate enough to have tried the plant-based KFC on offer overseas in the UK and let me tell you, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference! 

Don’t believe me? Here are some other recommendations from other KFC lovers who have opted for the veggie-friendly option.

One person rated it so much that they gave it a perfect score of 10/10.

The plant-based chicken was so good it even brought someone to tears.

A third simply said that the vegan option was “so good”.

In fact, most fast food chains overseas have a plant-based option giving vegetarians and vegans the choice. 

It’s not exactly what the Colonel had in mind when creating the perfect blend of 11 herbs and spices but nonetheless I’m sure he’d be proud to know that the finger-lickin’ good taste can be shared by all!