Here are the winter skincare must-haves your dull, dry pores are crying out for RN
What's Good
What's Good

Here are the winter skincare must-haves your dull, dry pores are crying out for RN

Give me brightness, give me vit c, give me hydration!

There are some lovely things about winter - huddling around a fire, drinking much more red wine than normal, shopping for boots…but it definitely doesn't do our skin any favours. 

Whether you get super dry and flaky or pale and dull, sussing a few key products to combat your skin concerns in this dreary time of year can make a big difference.

I've tried out a few of the latest offerings on the market so you don't have to (tough work, I know) and you can decide where to spend your hard-earned cash. Some of the stuff featured on this list will genuinely set you back about the same price as a big block of cheese at the moment, so, y'know…priorities. 

Full disclosure, this is not #sponcon, just my honest opinions, but I did get gifted these products to review. 

Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Sleep Mask
If you've been spending the last few weeks going green with envy over the Instagram posts of your mates who have escaped to Europe for summer - you should try going bronze instead. 

This sleep mask (it's really more of a lotion) from Bondi Sands goes on just like your moisturiser with no colour guard and no need to rinse off, giving you a 'just-got-back-from-the-beach' glow the next morning. When I tell you I was shooketh - in a good way - when I looked in the mirror the next morning! 

Plus, unlike most self-tanning products, it legitimately has stuff that is good for your skin in it, like hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for brightening and vitamin E for repair. 

Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Eye Crème 
With so many nasty bugs going around at the moment and not a lot of sunshine, it's easy to start getting that half-zombie-half-vampire-but-not-in-an-Edward Cullen way thing going around the eyes. 

This lush eye cream targets dark circles and discolouration, can reduce puffiness and is super hydrating, all while boosting collagen production to tackle those fine lines. Being someone genetically blessed with a blueish purple undereye area (thanks, parents) I've genuinely noticed a difference when I use this regularly, which is a pleasure as it feels so luxurious. 

The downside is that this product is definitely on the spendy side, but if you want to treat yourself, your peepers will thank you. 

Glow Glab Pro-Collagen Plumping Moisturiser
You might be used to knocking back a spoon of collagen powder in your morning smoothie or coffee, but now, you can slather collagen-boosting ingredients on your face in a delicious plumping moisturiser. 

This one is key if you suffer from dry skin over the colder months, but is still lightweight and fast-absorbing enough to wear under your make-up during the day. 

As well as being deeply hydrating, it claims to firm skin and reduce the appearance of pores, plus it's only a little over $20 from your local supermarket! 

Dermologica Daily Milkfoliant 
Exfoliation is a tricky thing - too little and you'll end up with unwanted texture, too much and you might strip your skin and create breakouts or sensitivity. Turns out, those harsh scrubs we used to attack our faces a couple of times a week with at high school are out and gentle, daily exfoliation is in. 

Dermologica's answer to this is their Daily Milkfoliant, which comes as a powder that turns into a rich creamy lather with a splash of water. It's packed with oat, coconut and botanical extracts with AHAs and BHAs to polish away dead skin, plus it reminds us of warm oatmeal on a cold morning which is the definition of cosy vibes. 

This brand also isn't the most affordable on the market, but you get a lot of product in the bottle and a little goes a looong way.

Bondi Sands Gold'n Hour Brightening Vitamin C Serum
It's kind of all in the name, isn't it? Give me brightness, give me Vit C, my pale winter soul is crying out for it. 

This stuff is so nice to splash on your skin first thing in the morning - feels like pure sunshine. Just make sure you follow it with some SPF afterwards. It's really light so easy to layer under other products, and it's non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores. 

It uses a super stable form of pure vitamin c which means it's more suitable for sensitive skin than some other vit c serums.