A ‘serial sausager’ on Waiheke is leaving sausages in letterboxes - now Meg's locker's been hit
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

A ‘serial sausager’ on Waiheke is leaving sausages in letterboxes - now Meg's locker's been hit

And Meg LOVED it.

Sean from Edge Nights has mimicked the number one most wanted person on Waiheke at the moment - the serial sausager - with Megan from Edge Breakfast falling victim. 

Yesterday, the Edge Breakfast talked about the serial sausager on Waiheke. A mystery person "ripping apart" friendships and the island community by leaving sausages in civillians' mailboxes with no explanation whatsoever. 

To say Megan was ecstatic to fall victim to the sausager would honestly be an understatement. She had tears in her eyes, her voice was high-pitched and she could barely make it through a sentence without giggling when showing the rest of the Edge breakfast team her new sausage. 

Sean from Edge Nights is the one who put the sausage in Megan’s locker (spoilers), but Megan had no clue who it was when she first saw the mysterious sausage. 

“This is the best moment of my entire life,” she says, with an expression that 1000% backs that up. “I lock my locker every day and I open it and this is just sitting there, with no explanation.”

“I love it - it’s my favourite thing,” she finished (but refused to eat it).

Since last summer, snags - sausages wrapped in white bread with t-sauce on them - have been popping up in Waiheke residents’ mailboxes with no explanation. The ‘serial sausager’, as they’ve been dubbed, is still unknown to this day and is “ripping apart” friendships and the larger community on Waiheke. 

“You never know when the strike will happen but when it does, everyone gets struck,” Jacob Coetzee told Stuff. “It’s traumatic. Nobodies’ letterboxes are safe.”

“I sent a picture to my friend group and some of them had been sausaged as well. That’s when we realised we had a serial sausager on the island, he continued. “It’s ripping us apart; we can’t trust one another … I’ve been accused, my brother’s been accused. It’s a witch hunt.”

And now… the mainland has been struck (we can neither confirm nor deny if Sean is the Waiheke sausager).