EDG - Maisie Peters Interview FULL
EDG - Maisie Peters Interview FULL
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‘I used to rap Macklemore’: Maisie Peters recalls her go-to busking songs from her teens

The UK singer-songwriter joined us in studio while in NZ touring with Ed Sheeran!

UK singer-songwriter Maisie Peters dropped by The Edge studios during her time in the country while touring with Ed Sheeran.

During her time here, she performed headline shows in Wellington and Auckland as well as opening for Ed on his Mathematics tour.

Sean, from our Edge Nights show, sat down with her to chat about her new music, touring, trying Kiwi snacks, and more. 

Sean had prepared some Tim Tams and Pineapple lumps for her to try although she did admit that it wasn't her first time trying them. 

"I've done pretty well with Kiwi snacks" she explained. 

Watch the pair enjoy the kiwi novelties below. 

Sean asked her about her time busking in her teens and what songs she used to jam out on the streets. 

She admitted that one track that was her go-to during her busking days was Macklemore's 'Can't hold us' which definitely took us by surprise. 

"I used to do that, with the rap" she confessed. 

After a bit of persuading, she even gave us a taste of the rap!

Sean also did a round of quickfire questions to give new fans the opportunity to get to know her a bit better. 

Have a watch below. 

What a pleasure it was to have Maisie join us in the studio! 

If you want to check out some of her music, have a listen to her brand new track 'Body Better' which she admitted was her favourite song of hers.