Benson Boone teaches Jayden how to backflip but can he pull it off?
Sharyn & Jayden
Sharyn & Jayden

Benson Boone teaches Jayden how to backflip but can he pull it off?

Turns out it's harder than it looks.
14 October 2022 3:56PM

Last week, we chatted with the legend Benson Boone during his time in the country to perform a concert at Auckland's Tuning Fork. 

During our chat with him, we discussed his impressive backflip skills, which he flexes on his Instagram and TikTok accounts and to be fair, we would too. 

After Boone spoke about how simple it is to pull off, Social Soph then decided to challenge Jayden to do a backflip by the end of the week. 

And who better to teach you than bloody Benson Boone right? 

So, we had to see it live in action so Benson demonstrated his skills in studio which we're sure was the first backflip to be done in the Edge studios.

"It's all a mental game, it's one of the easiest flips you can do"Boone explained. 

And then the challenge was set. 

Jayden on the otherhand, was not so set on the idea. 

So, we headed along to see Dan from Allstar gym to help us out. 

Have a watch of how it went below. 

I meannnn he didn't specify that he couldn't have assistance, right?

Great success for both Jayden and Benson forproviding such a great example.

Benson also joined Sean on an episode of The Edge Unplugged where they chatted all things American Idol, TimTams, working with Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and more. 

Bloody legend Benson and well done Jayden for prettttty much pulling it off.