EDG - Benson Boone joins Sean on The Edge Unplugged
EDG - Benson Boone joins Sean on The Edge Unplugged
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'Best decision I ever made': Benson Boone chats to Sean about leaving American Idol

Singer-songwriter Benson Boone joins Sean for The Edge Unplugged.
7 October 2022 12:15PM

During his time in the country for his only NZ show in Tamaki Makaurau, Sean caught up with rising pop star Benson Boone for an episode of The Edge Unplugged. 

You’ll know the 20-year-old singer songwriter from his hits ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘In the stars’, launching him to success on the charts and blowing him across social media. 

The star started off posting singing videos to TikTok and then appeared on season 19 of American Idol in early 2021. 

After winning a golden ticket to head straight to Hollywood, he announced his exit from the show as he felt it was “not right” for him.

Sean spoke to Boone about his bold decision to leave the competition, after Katy Perry backed him to take out the show title during his initial audition. 

“I see you winning American Idol if you want” award winning artist and pop icon Katy Perry told him. 

Boone expressed his feelings on his decision to leave the show and whether he had any regrets. 

“I think it was like the best decision I’ve ever made” he explained. 

“It is crazy looking back but I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Following his exit from the show, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds reached out to him and eventually signed him to his record label Night Street Records in partnership with Warner Records.

The rising star has experienced success with his debut single ‘Ghost Town’ which charted internationally and has gained over 193 million streams on Spotify..

Boone teased Sean that we can be expecting to him release his debut album next year and even gave Sean an exclusive listen to some of his recently written tracks. 

Have a watch of the full chat above where the talented musician discusses his NZ show, his thoughts on Tim Tams and reveals whether he’ll be changing up his style of songwriting anytime soon.