EDG - SHAZZAH X Coterie - 'No one does it better than me'
EDG - SHAZZAH X Coterie - 'No one does it better than me'
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Sharyn & Jayden

SHAZZAH teams up with Coterie for 'No one does it better than me'

Get your earholes wrapped around this absolute tune.
13 September 2022 12:23PM

We don't think you're ready for this tune.

In case you didn't see, last week, Sharyn unveiled her songbook that her 16-year-old schoolgirl self poured her heart and soul into.

Not only do we get to witness these absolute works of art come to light, Sharyn's tunes are getting a brand new remaster with the help of some of New Zealands finest artists. 

Last week, we kicked it off with Mitch James joining us in studio to remaster Sharyn's single 'Blind', an acoustic ballad about love, loss, crushes and other teenage drama stuff.    

Sharyn's 16-year-old self clearly had a lot of heartbreak to go through, you bet there's more tunes under wraps that we HAD to hear. 

So, we roped NZ band Coterie into the studio to have a go at one of Sharyn's songwriting magic. 

Have a watch of the magic above.

Honestly, watch out as we think Coterie might just steal this banger.

Not that we didn't believe in you or anything Shaz, but we didn't expect it to be THIS GOOD.

Stay tuned for more of SHAZZAH's incredible songwriting skills.