SHAZZAH x Mitch James - Blind
60 Seconds of Magic
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Sharyn & Jayden

SHAZZAH and Mitch James team up to perform 16-year-old Sharyn's 'Blind'

60 seconds of pure musical magic
6 September 2022 6:52PM

Can you believe Sharyn has been sitting on this banger since she was 16?!

We've kicked off a brand new segment with an absolute bang. Sharyn's song books she filled as a schoolgirl have been brought back out after years in hibernation, and they're getting a real remaster.

Sharyn has managed to recruit Mitch James to sing 'Blind' - an acrostic ballad about love and loss and crushes and other teenage drama stuff.

Check out the video up top. Shout out to Dan on the incredible backing vocals and look out for more of teenage Sharyn's tunes.