Lizzo admits to flirting with Jayden back in 2020 when she called him a 'Kombucha F*ckboy'

Sharyn and Jayden 01/05/2022

After first joining us at the Edge, Jayden's first-ever interview was with Lizzo, where she called him a 'Kombucha F*ckboy'.Β 

"You're a classic fuckboy, classic. That's my type of fuckboy, a kombucha fuckboy" she said back in 2020.

Recently, we caught up with the incredible Lizzo, and Jayden decided to confront her and ask whether she was flirting with Jayden when she called him that...Β 

Take a listen to her response below:

Looks like Jayden's got a Special admirer...Β 

Have a listen to our full chat with the amazing Lizzo where she spills all the tea about the exciting upcoming projects she's working on here!