Robinson - 'Things Aren't Nice In Paradise'
Robinson performs an acoustic version of her latest single at The Edge studio
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WATCH: Robinson performs new single 'Things Aren't Nice In Paradise'

Robinson's energetic new single gets the acoustic treatment.
30 March 2023 4:56PM

Kiwi pop sensation Robinson has once again smashed it with her energetic new single ‘Things Aren’t Nice In Paradise'.

The third single to be released off her upcoming album, she popped into the Edge studio to perform a stripped back acoustic version and it is simply unreal.

Packed with melodic hooks, sparkling synths, driving drums and a killer vocal performance by Robinson, ‘Things Aren’t Nice In Paradise’ is a piece of pop perfection. The energetic instrumentation carries with it an underlying sense of deep darkness, which Robinson explains is representative of the song's meaning, “about the journey many of us go on in finding ourselves, and unravelling the misconceptions around happiness and chasing the ‘perfect’ life.”

“Often, we can be led to believe that happiness is always a chase and that any discontentment can be cured by having the perfect job, appearance, status and material wealth,” says Robinson. “However, we often get to these places feeling the same discontentment we did when we began; needing even more validation and reassurance over who we are as people than ever before.”

“I wrote this song to remind people that the magic we’ve been chasing is the magic we already possess. That although chasing beautiful dreams is a part of the joy of life, sometimes constantly chasing means we stop to miss the beauty surrounding us right now.”

Watch the acoustic version up top or stream the original track below!