EDG - Sean Hill chats with FINNEAS
EDG - Sean Hill chats with FINNEAS
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Edge Nights

‘One of my favourite places in the world’: FINNEAS chats to Sean about his love for NZ

Grammy-award winning artist FINNEAS joins Sean on The Edge Unplugged.
22 September 2022 5:46PM

Sean from Edge Nights caught up with singer, songwriter and record producer FINNEAS on The Edge Unplugged during his time in the country for sister Billie Eilish's ‘Happier than ever’ world tour. 

It has just been announced that FINNEAS will be returning to the country in January as a soloist, performing at Laneway Festival 2023, for its return after 3 years.

FINNEAS spoke of his love for New Zealand, raving about our food and coffee and describing it as 'special'.

He also mentioned his appreciation for how Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern led the country through the pandemic in comparison to the shambles that was going on in the states.

"It was a bad scene in the United States" he said.

“She'd do a press conference and it would be coherent and make sense" he explained about good ol' Aunty Cindy.

When asked about discovering new and upcoming artists, he spoke of a guitar player called Wyatt who he found on TikTok, saying people should lookout for him.

“The people who I’m the biggest fan of, they’re brand new” He said.

“He’s going to be an incredible producer”

When asked if he still gets nervous around stars, the award winning producer told Sean about an interaction he had with US rapper Jay-Z at the Grammy awards.

“Jay-Z walked up to me and was like ‘Did you listen to that Temptations record I told you to check out?’”

“All I’ve been doing for a week is thinking like, did I say anything stupid in front of Jay-Z?” He explained about the situation. 

We’d be doing the same.

Sean asked if there was anyone FINNEAS expect to rise in the music industry and he spoke about working with British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks. 

“So talented” he said about the artist. 

We can’t wait to see you back in the country in January FINNEAS!