EDG - Sean interviews Hailee Steinfield
EDG - Sean interviews Hailee Steinfield
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Edge Nights

‘It doesn’t compare’: Hailee Steinfeld talks working with Andersan .Paak in her return to music

The 'Pitch Perfect' star chats with Sean about her musical comeback after 2 years!
6 September 2022 2:04PM

Academy Award-nominated actress-turned-pop sensation Hailee Steinfeld caught up with Sean from Edge Nights after she's made a music comeback after more than 2 years.

The Pitch Perfect actress and musician Hailee Steinfeld chatted to Sean about her new single 'Coast' which you bet we're OBSESSED with.

The last time we heard from Steinfeld was her feature on the track 'Masterpiece' from Taiwanese singer Chen Linong  after the release of her EP 'Half Written Story' in May 2020

The single, which dropped on July 29th, was a collaboration with music legend Anderson .Paak, who is half of super duo Silk Sonic, alongside Bruno Mars.

Check out a teaser Hailee released for the track below.

She spoke about her relationship with .Paak and how their collaboration stemmed organically from their close relationship which she explained is rarity these days. 

"A lot of times, at least these days, sometimes you barely meet the person you're collaborating with" she explained.

Steinfeld spoke about how she wrote the single two years ago inspired by her Californian roots therefore when she brought it to Paak this year, they worked so naturally as he's also born and raised in California. 

Sean also discussed Britney Spears' version of Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' and her thoughts were on reworking songs in 2022.

"I'm here for it", she explained.

"It's incredible that when there are opportunities that work and that feel right, like this Elton and Britney Collab, it works and it's amazing".

When Sean asked her the hard hitting question of what song she would 'hypothetically' choose to rework, she reluctantly decided on TLC's 'No Scrubs' and all we have to say is what a tune! 

If Hailee ever releases a remake of 'No Scrubs', you'll have us to thank. 

Have a watch of the full interview above or check out Sean's reel of the rundown below.

You can also check out Hailee's new single here..