EDG - Tate McRae Full IV
EDG - Tate McRae Full IV
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'I would fall in love with people so fast': Tate McRae discusses songwriting at age 14

Tate McRae talk Kiwi snacks, how females face social media and more on the Edge unplugged.
10 August 2022 4:53PM

Tate McRae is one of the hottest artists in the world right now.

At age 18, the multi-platinum singer, songwriter and dancer was the youngest musician listed on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List for 2021.

Coming all the way from Canada, Sean from The Edge Nights got the chance to sit and chat with her ahead of her only New Zealand show.

From a young age, Tate recorded original songs and uploaded them to her YouTube channel, which led her to gaining a huge online following.

In a recent interview with The Project over in Australia, she was asked how she feels about the songs she released when she was younger, and she admitted that they haunt her.

She explained to Sean that she didn’t feel as though she was exposed to real life while she was focussing on her dance career so when she met people, she fell for them easily.

"When I started meeting people, I was so dramatic and I had so many things to talk about that I would fall in love with people so fast. I’d write a song about it and then post it on the internet and people thought I was a crazy chick who had lived through like 17 relationships but I was like 14 and had only met someone.”

She also spoke about how her hit single ‘All I Wanna Be’ is about how females are faced with social media every single day and it's depressing that we often experience jealousy and comparing ourselves to others far too often.

We feel you girl!

“I wrote about like high school friends, middle school, like boys, like everything you could talk about and it’s funny to look back on.”

Check out her full chat with Sean above!