Aussie 'Eras Tour' organisers respond to 1000s Taylor Swift fans furious over 'unfair' rules

Aussie 'Eras Tour' organisers respond to 1000s Taylor Swift fans furious over 'unfair' rules

Swifties were worried for their safety...

Swifties heading to Taylor Swift’s Aussie ‘Eras Tour’ shows have been getting heated at the SUUUPER strict rules around what you can and can’t take into the concert.

With T-Swiz set to perform her first show at Melbourne’s Cricket Grounds in just one week, Frontier Touring has released everything you need to know before heading to the show.

There's the usual stuff about gate opening times and what kind of bags are acceptable, but it’s the heavy rules around friendship bracelets and battery packs that have really caused a stir.

Cue the collective gasps from fans who've spent months crafting endless bracelets to share around.

But no one needs to hit the panic button just yet, because Frontier has come back to clarify a few things. So say seeya to the plan of strapping hundreds of those bad boys to your fit, because no carabiners or d-rings are allowed into the venue. 

“You just decide to tell us this AFTER people have made hundreds of friendship bracelets…? Actually, so stupid,” one fan wrote in the Insta comments.

The other rule that really got people riled up was the instruction that no battery packs would be allowed into the venue.

"The bracelet rule is silly because some people have made heaps of bracelets and it’s unfair for them to suffer and their circulation to be cut off. Also, the fact that we can’t bring battery packs is stupid.," one swiftie wrote in the Insta comments.

Another said: “Bestie if you think I ain't bringing my portable charger you're laughing."

“Why can't we bring a battery pack? Might need to charge our phones after such a long show, seems a bit like a safety issue to me if we can't and they go flat late at night 🤔,” a third questioned.

Another confused fan added: “Taylor’s set alone is three and a half hours!! And we can’t bring a power bank??”

The outrage from fans became so strong that a petition for the rule to be changed quickly gathered traction before Frontier fronted up.

It turns out those banned batteries are for commercial-sized packs.

A follow-up post has clarified that portable chargers are allowed as long as they are smaller than the size of your phone.

Phew, we can still capture every second of the show to spam our Insta stories!

Just one more question for Frontier -  can we get a rule check on carrying a broken Louboutin if Taylor throws it into the crowd?