Mean Girls' Reneé Rapp proudly said she doesn't like millennial women and it was very NOT fetch

Mean Girls' Reneé Rapp proudly said she doesn't like millennial women and it was very NOT fetch

ok sorry this turned into a rant

Reneé Rapp might be channelling her iconic Mean Girls character a little too much IRL. 

The singer and actress has already been ruffling feathers during her press run for the 'Mean Girls' musical movie, using interview time to call out some dude called Buddy - "I can't stand you, and I hope your business burns."  - and praise Megan Thee Stallion's ass. People have been really enjoying her lack of filter. 

But one appearance on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live' over the weekend has really got people feeling personally victimised a la Regina George.

During a chat about which Real Housewives of Potomac star she would be BFFs with IRL, 24-year-old Reneé randomly said she was "very ageist". 

The Gen Z star might have hoped everyone would breeze past this as a flippant comment, but Andy Cohen (who is 55) wasn't having it. 

"You're ageist?!" he asked, prompting Reneé to respond: "I am, actually." 

Um…okay? If you're thinking 'bit of a weird call bb', just wait, it gets worse. 

"You don't like older people?" Andy asked. "Ok, you're ageist…are you ageist towards me?" 

"No, No," Reneé replied, starting to lose her grip on the 'unbothered' vibe she usually gives off. 

"You just look down on older people?" Andy pressed. "Or don't care for them?" 

Running out of ways to avoid explaining herself, Reneé finally said: “I just feel like, I don’t know, I just was always the young one in situations… Like, millennial women were always coming for me and I was like: ‘Shut up.’”

Oh, cool! So not just ageist, but specifically not a fan of older women, huh? 

You might be able to tell I'm a little miffed about this comment - that's probably because at 32, I'm a millennial gal myself. So are many of the women you know and love at The Edge. 

Also, the youngest millennials are turning 28 in 2024, so it's not exactly lightyears away from Reneé's age right now. 

Don't get me wrong, it sucks if she's had bad experiences with women who HAPPENED to be a bit older than her before - I've definitely had the same - but it's hardly a reason to declare you like to discriminate against any female who's not from your generation. 

It's giving "you can't sit with us" energy. I know you're doing a Mean Girls movie, but there's no need to be shady to an entire chunk of the population, many of whom will be streaming your music and buying tickets to your film. 

Also, when was the last time you had the truly healing and ageless experience of waiting in line for the girl's bathrooms? I feel like you could use that rn. 

In the girl's bathrooms, 30-somethings dry the eyes of 18-year-olds who have just had a massive fight with their boyfriend. Gals who used to have beef at high school become BFFs. No one goes without a tampon. It's a wonderful vibe, and age doesn't mean a thing. 

Housewives star Gizelle Bryant, who is 53, was sitting next to Reneé, wisely told her: "You're going to get older one day". 

"I fear, because I'm ageist!" Reneé replied, doubling or maybe trippling down. 

As Reneé will soon find out, women already get a lot of shit for getting older. They're meant to age gracefully, but also not show any signs of ageing, and to stay relevant without trying too hard. Their 'stock' in terms of dating and career goes down with every year.

They (we…I…) don't need women tearing down women - society does enough of that already. 

Finally - and I can't believe I actually have to say this - we know it's not cool or funny to tell everyone you're racist or sexist, and saying you're ageist really isn't much better. 

But with all that said and done, if we ever end up in the same ladies loo, I'd still let Reneé use my mascara. Because that's on girlhood.