‘Someone’s getting fired’: Haley Williams sings pass-agg improv song after tech issue on stage

‘Someone’s getting fired’: Haley Williams sings pass-agg improv song after tech issue on stage

"Beyonce did it, so we can too!"

A staff member at Paramore’s recent Melbourne show now knows the definition of ‘Hard Times’ after being called out by a PISSED Miss Hayley Williams on stage. 

During the pop-rock trio's tour, the person behind the pyrotechnics would’ve absolutely soiled their pants after letting the sparks fly at the wrong time during the band’s performance of ‘Hard Times’.

As the sparks rained down, Hayley, the KWEEN of improv, responded with a mix of nervous laughter and quick banter - at least we hope it’s all a bit of banter.

She managed to turn the awkward technical glitch into a hilariously new rendition of the song. 

Changing the outro lyrics of the track Hayley sings: “Somebody is getting fired / Beyoncé did it so we can too / and I can’t wait to speak with you / it’s the third time this has happened to us."

And can we please talk about how fitting it was going straight into “And I gotta get to rock bottom”? Pure perfection!

People have gotten very creative with their reactions to the shocking moment.

“Hard Times (Hayley’s version) (From the vault) (Ft. Pyro),” joked one commenter.

Another said: “The pyro guy standing there like 👁️👄👁️💧”

“The Beyoncé reference is 🤌🏽” a third added.

Paramore returned to NZ to perform at Auckland’s Spark Arena earlier this month.

While here, major fan Abilene Jones was pulled on stage to sing ‘Misery Business’ and absolutely smashed it.

“Best night of my life,” Abi wrote alongside a clip of her rocking it on stage.

The night was an absolute hit and thankfully went off without a tech issue in sight.

But seriously though, can someone pleeease check on the pyro? 

We simply must know how tf they effed up three times and are they actually getting the sack?!