'Enough is enough': Peking Duk's Adam Hyde just shared an urgent message about 'real men'

'Enough is enough': Peking Duk's Adam Hyde just shared an urgent message about 'real men'

“It’s our problem to fix..."

Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde has just shared a serious call out to his Insta fanbase, urging ‘fellas to do better’.

Talking to his 28k Insta followers, the Aussie musician began: "Real men respect women, transgender, and non-binary folks - it's that simple."

“Call it out when you see it. I can’t believe that anyone has to be f**king saying this right now, but if you can’t see that the writing’s on the wall that something needs to be done about this problem ASAP, you’re out of your f**king mind.”

According to Australian Femicide Watch, 32 Australian women have been killed in 2024 alone, with most allegedly killed by a man they knew, as reported by The Guardian.

This pushed Adam to say “enough is enough”.

“I don’t know why there’s so many sensitive men, especially online, getting so in their feelings that finger is being pointed at them, at us” he said. “Of course it’s being pointed at us.”

“It’s our problem to fix. We need to do better fellas…. We need to wake up.”

He advised men to check in with the women in their lives and ask how they can support them.

“Yes, it’s a large-scale problem, but it starts with us ‘cause we started the f**king problem,” he finished with a kiss to the camera.

Fans flooded the comments with appreciation for publicly making a stand on the issue.

“So much love for your public leadership of this critical issue, using this platform for real change. Thank you for being a true ally! ❤️,” said one woman.

“So well said Adam! 🙌🏻 Refreshing to hear,” said another.

A male follower rallied right behind, adding: “I’m with you 100% very proud to have another man brave enough to say it publicly.”

We massively tautoko Adam’s message over here in NZ, where violence against women is also a massive issue. Let’s make sure this kind of conversation continues and take it worldwide.