WATCH: This 'uncomfortable' interview has fans convinced Travis Kelce's mum hates Taylor Swift

WATCH: This 'uncomfortable' interview has fans convinced Travis Kelce's mum hates Taylor Swift

Imagine if someone described hanging out with you as "okay"??!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship has sent Swiftie and the NFL world on fire. But if you thought Travis’ mum, Donna Kelce, was going to join the fan club you might have to think again.

After a recent interview with the ‘Today Show’ in the US, fans are convinced that Donna was more than “unimpressed” with Taylor.

As we know, Donna has been spotted chatting away with her son’s new beau during two of his recent games for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many clips of the two sitting cosy, laughing and seemingly getting along well have gone viral.  

But when Donna appeared on a recent ep of the ‘Today Show’, hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie couldn't help but push for the juicy details about Tayvis’ new relo.

Donna's response? A masterclass in subtlety and understatement. 

"Yeah, you know, it is fairly new, so I don't like to talk about it. It's just one of those things where, you know, obviously everybody saw me." 

Translation: "It's complicated, and I'd rather not spill the tea."

Savannah, determined to dig deeper, asked about her experience hanging out with Taylor. Donna's reaction? An eye roll in words: "It was okay." Ouch! Cue the crickets.

Her response had made some fans question whether the Kelces are still on good terms with Taylor, especially after it was reported by Page Six that Tay-Tay recently skipped out on Travis’ birthday celebrations.

One user questioned: “Is it over??????”

Others think it’s all just a “misinterpretation” of Donna trying to keep tight-lipped on the situation. 

“She was downplaying it. By saying it was just “ok”. We all saw how much fun Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce were having. She doesn’t throw shade or hate on anyone, because she doesn’t operate that way. Swifties are new to momma Kelce and just misinterpreting her.”

When asked if Travis had given her a warning about oversharing, Donna said: "It's not so much a warning as it's his personal life."

Now, some viewers thought the ‘Today Show’ hosts were making Donna "uncomfortable," and they weren't shy about tweeting it. 

But let's give Donna some credit. I mean, she seems to be a pro at handling the spotlight. She may be “unimpressed”, but she's not backing down.

“I love Mama Kelce. They’re getting no details from her,” one user wrote.

Another said: “Donna Kelce seems like a nice lady, but why media is trying so hard to push her to talk about Taylor? The way they are forcing her to talk doesn't sit right with me. like she seems so uncomfortable, she keeps brushing off the questions. as she should, that's his son's pvt life, yk”

So, while Donna Kelce might not be ready to spill the beans just yet, one thing's for sure - She's the MVP of keeping things under wraps and leaving us all guessing with her poker-faced responses.