Post breakup vibes: Anna Paul travelled to NZ to reunite with her BFF and got some matching ink

Post breakup vibes: Anna Paul travelled to NZ to reunite with her BFF and got some matching ink

You'll never guess where she got it!

Aussie TikToker/Only Fans star Anna Paul came to New Zealand over the weekend and left with a permanent reminder of her time here - a tattoo!

Posting a vlog to TikTok, Anna said: “This is your sign to travel to a different country to reconnect with your high school best friend and get matching tattoos, that's exactly what we did.”

After her recent break up with her long-term boyfriend Glenn Thomson, Anna has been taking on a lot of new journeys on her own - including solo travelling. 

She decided to fly across the ditch to Auckland to spend a couple of days visiting her best friend Rhea who she hadn’t seen in 7 years!

While she was here, the two gals decided to get the type of friendship bracelet that would last a lifetime - matching tattoos.

The besties got an abbreviation of ‘I love you more than you love me’ tatted. 

Anna and Rhea were also seen shopping in a bookstore where they gifted each other a book and wrote little messages to each other to take back home.

If you and your bestie aren’t doing these things together, politely, what are you doing? Cause that is adorable!

Anna got hers as a “tramp-stamp”, and honestly it looks AMAZE! 


Though many fans loved the tatt, others speculated Anna’s new ink might be a sign of her going through the motions of her recent breakup.

“This girl is hurting,” wrote one user.

Another said: “Oh she going through it through it”

However, Anna was quick to reply: “‘When you break up after a long time, you’ve been breaking up for a long time’ I went through it yrs ago, I’ve been happy for a long time. ❤️”

Either way, we are glad to see Anna enjoying her life as a single lady, enjoying new experiences and reconnecting with her besties. And if that means a few more trips to NZ, we’re defs keen to see her here again soon!