Matty Healy caught on cam allegedly talking mad smack about Taylor Swift and her fans

Matty Healy caught on cam allegedly talking mad smack about Taylor Swift and her fans

He should know better than to shake up the Swifties!

This year is turning out to be quite the rollercoaster ride for The 1975 frontman Matty Healy. The singer is no stranger to making headlines, and this year he's been serving up the drama left right and centre.

From getting banned from performing in Malaysia and kicked off stage mid-show, munching on raw meat to riling up the Taylor Swift fandom with dating speculation, Matty has had a bloody busy 2023.

Since the rumoured fling between Matty and Taylor has been squashed, it seems Matty has some unresolved beef with Swifties. 

Instagram's resident gossip guru, DeuxMoi - who's basically the modern-day irl equivalent of ‘Gossip Girl’ - has spilled the tea with a TikTok clip allegedly showing Matty talking smack on the fandom.

SOURCE: @deuxmoi on Instagram Stories

The outlet shared a screenshot including a TikTok that read: “POV: you hear someone next to you talking shit about Taylor Swift and it turns out to be Matty Healy.”

 “Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her ‘stupid fucking Swifties’,” The TikTok also alleges in the caption.

Ouch, Matty, that's a very risky move.

But, as much as we love to jump on a bit of hot goss it appears the video in question has some rather muffled audio, so it’s hard to actually make out what the singer is saying. 

All we've got are some dramatic gestures to go off. Is anyone a professional lip reader?! 

And just when you thought the plot couldn't get any thicker, a savvy submission to DeuxMoi enlightened us all about the mystery woman in the video. 

Turns out, it's none other than Meredith Mickelson – a name that rings bells because she was reportedly in the picture before Matty decided to take a Swift turn. 

Speculation is that Matty and Meredith might be circling back to each other, with airport pick-ups in Hawaii as evidence. 

So there we have it! Matty Healy's 2023: a rollercoaster of festival shutdowns, unexpected smooches, and a little sprinkle of Taylor Swift drama on the side. Who needs reality TV when we’ve got Matty drama to keep us busy?