Lizzo designs a fan's first tattoo in Auckland
A strange request from a fan led to the funniest drawing of a Kiwi!
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'Don't get it': Lizzo designs hilarious tattoo for a fan at her last 'Special Tour' show in NZ

“Don’t get this tattooed on you. It’s so f***ing bad!”

Lizzo has created an impromptu tattoo design for a fan who is yet to get their first ink.

During her last show of her ‘Special Tour’ here in Auckland NZ, Lizzo spotted the strange request from a fan standing in the front row. 

Our very own Edge journo Mon captured the whole thing on video which you can watch above!

The fan held up a sign that read: “LIZZO PLZ DRAW MY 1st TATTOO!”

Gobsmacked that she was being trusted to create such a masterpiece Lizzo said: “F**k I don’t know if I can…”

“I don’t want the responsibility!”

Then it hit her, the most brilliant idea - a kiwifruit but with a lil Lizzo spice!

“Do you want it? I was gonna draw a Kiwi with some hair on it and put a little crack like a booty,” the pop queen suggested as the crowd erupted in laughter and cheers, clearly loving the quirky concept.

In the blink of an eye, Lizzo, with the precision of a seasoned tattoo artist, sketched the kiwifruit booty on the fan's sign, completing the masterpiece in a matter of seconds. It was a true work of art, and the crowd went wild once again!

Voila! The kiwifruit booty was complete and is it not just *chef’s kiss*?

However, as confident as Lizzo seemed while drawing, she couldn't help but worry about the idea of her creation being inked onto someone's body FOREVER. 

She handed the sign back and said: “You’re going to hate me.”

“Don’t get this tattooed on you. It’s so f***ing bad!”

Let's be real, no matter how bad it may be, it’s an epic badge of honor for any fan to wear proudly!

Now we need to know where this fan is now, and if they actually plan on getting the tattoo?! These are the questions and we must find the answers!

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