This influencer ate her own knee cartilage in spag bol post-surgery, and gal, I just had lunch

This influencer ate her own knee cartilage in spag bol post-surgery, and gal, I just had lunch

She may have ate, but at what cost?

In this age of ‘anything for content’, I really thought I’d seen it all, especially after the horror that is ‘MILF Manor’. But this influencer eating her own knee cartilage is its own special kind of vom-inducing horror. 

Paula Gonu is a Spanish influencer who recently appeared on the ‘Club 113’ podcast to share the tale of her knee surgery (which she asked to stay awake for so she could see the doc go to work). 

Once her knee was all fixed up, the surgeon asked Paula if she wanted to keep the bit of cartilage they had removed. 

“I told him ‘yes’,” the thirty-year-old with two million Instagram followers said. “He put what he removed into a small container like those used for urine samples. He put it in alcohol so it would stay that way for as long as I wanted.”

At this point, she was committed to eating it but wanted to see if her boyfriend would chow down on the cartilage too. His first response was ‘Why?’. 

Paula, to her credit, gave multiple reasons: It was hers, it’s harmless to eat, and she wanted to “reinsert it” into her body. So, she started whipping up some food. 

“I made a Bolognese sauce, I added it in, and I ate it. I wanted to be able to say in my head that I've eaten a piece of my own meniscus," she shared, adding that it’s no different from eating “worse animals”. 

So yeah, that is that story. 

One representative for The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said that people should probs not eat their own cartilage. 

“'There are many things doctors recommend patients do following surgery including recuperating slowly and carefully heeding all instructions given to them post-surgery,' they told the Daily Mail.

“However, eating your cartilage is not one of them.”

This is why I never follow influencers' diet tips.