Taylor Swift responds to fan's sign asking if she’s okay after Joe Alwyn breakup

Taylor Swift responds to fan's sign asking if she’s okay after Joe Alwyn breakup

are we convinced by that?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news by now that Taylor Swift has broken up with her boyfriend of 6 years, Joe Alwyn, which made our hearts break.

How we’ll ever have faith in love moving forward I don’t know. 

The breakup news came out while Taylor has been traveling around the States, performing her infamous Eras tour, which has had fans concerned for her well-being. 

During one of her shows in Tampa, Florida, over the weekend, she spotted a fan holding up a sign asking ‘Are you okay?’. 

While singing her single ‘Delicate’, she responded to the sign with a thumbs up which a fan caught on video and shared online. 

Honestly, we feel for her, breakups are hard as it is but being in the public eye and performing lovesongs about Joe in front of thousands must make it so difficult. 

One fan commented, “This is so cute bc be honest we’re all a little worried. Our girl has a lot going on at the moment”.

Although some fans pointed out that she didn’t appear to be impressed by the fan's concerns. 

“Taylor just wanted them to put the sign down lmao” whilst another commented “No one realized how sarcastic that thumbs up was. like she was not impressed.”

In another show in Tampawhilst performing her song ‘Champagne Problems’, she expressed how she was ‘loving’ her tour, saying “I need your guys very much for my wellbeing.”



This comes after fans captured footage of her becoming emotional whilst singing 'Champagne Problems' when rumors arose of the breakup. which brought tears to my eyes.

After the pair met back in 2016, it’s rumored that they split due to "differences in their personalities" after keeping their relationship out of the limelight for the six years they were together. 

Sending all our love to you Taylor, we bloody love you! 

The upside is we might be hearing some killer new breakup songs soon though...