'Late Late Show' hints at 1D 'surprise' despite shutting down reunion rumour ahead of last show

'Late Late Show' hints at 1D 'surprise' despite shutting down reunion rumour ahead of last show

WTH does ‘Easter egg’ mean I’m SCREAMING!!!

James Corden's ‘Late Late Show’ has teased us with a surprise One Direction-related “Easter egg” that will appear in the final episode, and fans are already losing their g-damn minds!

Could this be the reunion we've all been waiting for? Rumours have been swirling ever since Harry Styles was announced to perform to mark the end of James's time as host. 


but that doesn't mean we won't be getting a little something-something involving the boys.

Head writer Lauren Greenberg has said that she "really wants to set expectations" before the final broadcast. 

She confirms that the boys “won't all be together in the studio or anywhere else”, but there'll be an "Easter egg" involving the boys.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to speculate what this surprise may be, with one person wondering if it may be “individual sound bites thanking James”.

Another reckons it may just be a look back on Harry’s previous appearances on the show featuring the other 1D members. 

While a third is still holding on to the hope that we may get a partial reunion from “some” of the boys.

“Maybe each one recorded night changes and they’re going to make an edited video performance of it,” suggested another.

Idk about you, but I'm dying to know what this "Easter egg" is going to be! While it’s anyone’s best guess what will be happening with the 1D boys, one thing's for sure - James Corden promises that the show will "go out with a bang."