Harrison Boon’s mum defends his BS on MAFS in a very public Facebook post and it's a rough read
Sophie van Soest
Sophie van Soest

Harrison Boon’s mum defends his BS on MAFS in a very public Facebook post and it's a rough read

“Harrison won’t be guilted by the ‘experts’…"

MAFS groom Harrison Boon has faced a load of backlash for his "gaslighting" behaviour on the show. Now, Noni Boon, his mother, is defending her son's behaviour in a very public Facebook post by attacking Bronte, the experts, and fans of the reality show.

This all comes after last night’s first commitment ceremony where the experts basically tore Harrison a new one for trying to chat some BS - what’s new?

Noni was quick to post to her personal Facebook account defending her son and slamming his wife Bronte for supposedly “lying” to the experts.

Sharing a photo of her son and Bronte looking glum on the couch during the commitment ceremony, Noni wrote: “It has come as a shock to learn that his ‘TV wife’ knew his identity and the life he was living before the day they met and married on camera, although she appears to be shocked and hurt by this revelation.”

“What we are seeing now is indeed Bronte playing it to her advantage and amping it up for the camera at Harrison’s expense, but that’s reality TV.”

Noni also suggested that Harrison won’t "back down or take crap from anyone" as the experiment continues.

“Harrison won’t be guilted by the ‘experts’… and he will always own it if he is in the wrong and he’s perfectly ok with that, as am I.”

Noni continued by attacking anyone who was "gullible" and "severely stupid" enough to think the "real Harrison Boon" was what is being shown to us on TV.

“I love my son and I am not ashamed of him. I am proud because he has more courage than all of you put together. That’s why he has put himself out there in your firing line,” Noni hit out at fans of the show.

She also made a clear point of saying that ‘Married at First Sight’ is "not a documentary".

Noni has continued to slam reality TV fans in more brutal posts but has seemingly forgotten her son is the one who agreed to be a part of one.

She’ll continue to support him, but will slam the fans for keeping the show on-air - please make it make sense…